August Kibler’s Stories for Tyler

Voices of Context from Eden to Patmos

Was it a chance meeting in the Daisy Cafe that brought Tyler Jemison and his boys into August Kibler’s life, or was it the mysterious workings of Tyler’s grandmother, Momma Daisy? In this companion book to the novel As the Daisies Bloom, August shares with Tyler a life’s thoughts on what he would call his tiny systematic theology.

What might Eve say after millennia of being the first scapegoat? What might the first and last wives of the great king say to us if we read between the lines? How can we walk a bit with Joseph as he rides with Mary into Bethlehem? And what does Philip have to say to the black Eunuch, and to us about church membership?

Journey with the author as he imagines what we might have overlooked in the Bible stories that we teach our children. He shows how reimagining these people in voices for our time can bring to life each of these important guides, who could never have imagined how they would shape 2,000 years of Christianity, and how they can still transform us.

Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite –  ☆☆☆☆☆

August Kibler’s Stories for Tyler: Voices of Context from Eden to Patmos is a work of fiction based on Christian history and Bible stories, and was penned by author T. P. Graf. Written as a companion short novel to the book As the Daisies Bloom, this standalone story explores theology and Christianity from the perspective of the titular character, August. In a modern reimagining of key Bible stories that are so often told in historical senses, the author develops a new perspective on Christianity and the many gifts and wisdom that it can still offer us in the modern age. What results is a highly effective and updated take on Bible stories for the modern reader.

Author T. P. Graf has crafted a masterful work of modern literature that takes on some very complex topics but delivers them in a format that any reader can engage with and glean wisdom from. Whether you have read the original novel or not, this offshoot book offers its own setup and premise to get you into the flow, and the narrative skills of the author will have you engaged with the enigmatic August Kibler at once. In the spirit of reading between the lines and considering wider messages rather than specifics, we begin to see how relevant Christianity can be to us in current times if we learn how to re-engage with it through this intelligent perspective. Overall, I would highly recommend August Kibler’s Stories for Tyler as entertaining and essential reading for those curious about theology.

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